Artist, photographer, art director, writer, underwater video & instructor, student, karma yogi, and more for almost 50 years.
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Broad universal thoughts of spiritual points of view and ideas of common truths are difficult to explain in a single or universal context and it was never fully explained or understood by myself. I don't believe it could be done. I hope that a visual illustration will explain these ideas from another point of view and add to the experience of understanding what I consider an important message.
My work is inspired by, and dedicated to, that one Source known by many names and my teachers, gurus, saints, friends, forebears, and students who all learn from each other. 
Prints in raw or framed form and pricing information upon request. Digital files are available for press, publication, or web media and exclusive rights to images are available in common digital formats. I recommended viewing sizes in the 13" x 19" to 24"  width range, printed on archival paper and signed. Card or poster-size prints can be ordered are sold through third-party vendors.
Inner Vision is my second publication and the first with several works that include a narrative. The quotes by most were drawn from the words of my favorite and most beloved sages, saints, gurus, poets, or musicians I have followed over the years. Their energy often aids me in daily meditation, subsequently aiding me with my visual artwork. The pieces are not necessarily shown in chronological order but are close. The timeline range for all pieces is roughly between 2011 and early 2024. Many have been shown in museums, galleries, books and magazines, prints, digital media, and private print collections. Prints, digital files for multimedia, and signed originals are available. 

Athanasios (TOM) Pipinou 
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