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T o m P i p i n o u



art director,

visual designer,

creative director,


fine artist


print, web, display,

books, video, audio


inspire look & feel,

listen and inform,

fact or fiction,

science or zen sources.


Thanasis (Tom) Pipinou





Work with the team or solo, to develop design ideas and concepts:


Mindful marketing and attention to company’s core branding principles


Translate marketing strategies to visuals that engage clients, consumers and partners


Produce mock-ups, wire-frames, storyboards to communicate concepts and proposals. Direct

and produce promotional events


Collaborate with copywriters, designers and other artists locally or in global locations in many languages


Manage and match deadlines with deliverables



Solid understanding of market

segments and target audience


Expert with Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Web editors and other software tools


Curate color palettes, web or

print layouts, typography


Over 20 years experience in art directing creative projects.


Expert ability to manage a production team and outside resources.

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